Why We Started

It all started in 2014 when I diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and suffered 2 years and had a surgery and had a stoma bag attached to my body. When the bag gets full it hangs down and there is no support, stoma nurse advise me to get the support belt. BUT when I searched for the stoma belt there were all hell expensive. Still I don’t get it why they are so expensive. I had to buy one as there are very few vendors selling the belt, so I have to pay the price as I want my life style back.

The idea came from there that arrange the belts and make it available for the Stoma patients in very affordable price. As from experience I know people wearing stoma bag they are already going through lot of mental and physical stress and having these support belt can change their life style and give them confidence.

I am trying different belts which are available in the market and try to get the same belt for our customer which is not heavy on their pocket.

Main reason to start this business is to help others to achieve the healthy life style and enjoy their life as they were before the disease.

if you want to ask any question, how I am keeping up with my stoma, how I live, travel and do my sports. send me an email to care@stomacarebelt.com